Buffalo River Honey Company
We feature the finest, all-natural wilderness flower honey that money can buy. Our hives are
located in the pristine Upper Buffalo River Area that encompasses two wilderness areas and
thousands of acres of untouched woodlands.

We operate only 100 hives. Our bees harvest nectar from wildflowers untouched by chemical
pesticides. Each year our honey, like fine wine, varies according to the flower blooms and the
impact of the seasons. One thing remains constant, the character of our honey is unlike any
you have ever tasted. You have not tasted pure wild honey until you taste our honey.

We honor and practice our ancient craft much as bee keepers have across the centuries. Our
bees have interbred with wild strains. We avoid chemicals and manage pests with essential oils.

Tasting is believing. All natural, totally wild honey is a revelation. From the first explosion of the
floral scents and tastes, to the finishing notes of our honey, it is an unparalleled experience of
complexity and nuance. The key is staying all natural, then the floral gifts of our pristine
wilderness areas come through.

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We are currently out of honey for the season. Please check back in August!

Buffalo River honey is the best; not just because of its wonderfully
natural taste but also because of the pristine area from which the
bees collect their nectar and pollen: the watershed of the upper
Buffalo River in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas.

We use Buffalo River Honey at home and we also sell and serve it in
our bakery/cafe Neighbor's Mill Bakery & Cafe in Harrison, AR.
Once they have tried it, our customers come back for more!

Mike Nabors, Neighbors Mill
Harrison, AR

Buffalo River Wildflowers
Mountain Wildflower
Mountain wildflowers are the secret to honey of the very highest standard. Our bees harvest nectar and pollen from these pristine sources rather than mono culture field crops laden with pesticides.

The difference is obvious from the first taste. The health benefits of this honey are legendary.
Buffalo River Honey Company Honey
Eddie Watkins, Mountain Beekeeper
Eddie Watkins   Owner and Master Bee Keeper

" Discovering a fine delicious PURE honey is akin to discovering a rare fine wine. If our palates are privy enough in life to cross paths with special delicacies that only a Higher Power could provide. ... then most of the time those delicacies are only able to be manufactured in small quantities due to the delicate nature of their very being. My personal palate has been privy to a few good wines but only one rare delicate PURE honey good enough to be called BUFFALO RIVER HONEY COMPANY
Eddie and Carla Watkins and their sweet twin girls are members of a shrinking number of apiary managers who house, feed, nurture, and their bees winter, summer, spring, and fall. They are gracious, gentle souls who dedicate a large portion of their time to the well-being of the creators that produce such fine PURE honeys. I use the plural because with each season brings on an individual flavor. The gorgeous golden butter color and the distinct flavor of each season mean you will have a variety of tastes with each harvest. The beautiful Buffalo National River area and its awesome greenery and wildflowers are perfect homes for Eddie's pampered bees."

Lisa Cavender Price
Harrison, Arkansas

" The high Ozarks of Newton County produce the purest floral bloom in America.  Eddie Watkins' bees capture the essence of this unpolluted wilderness and turn in into the finest honey on earth, a rare honey beyond words."

Joseph Morgan
Arkansas House Boardwalk Cafe
Jasper, Arkansas

" We thought we knew what honey tasted like until we experienced your spectacular honey. From the first taste, our senses were bombarded by scents and tastes we would never have imagined possible. We did not realize that the honey we have been using was cut or maybe the result of mass production processes. Now we know the difference, Anyone who tastes your honey will always want a jar on the shelf. You can taste the purity and delicacy absent in mass-produced honey.Thank you for caring enough to practice the art of beekeeping with the centuries-old traditions of purity and a close relationship to nature."

Michael & Mandy Dougherty
Compton, Arkansas

" Buffalo River Honey Co. provides great tasting honey. They're enthusiastic about the well-being of their bees and the obvious love for what they do is apparent in every product they provide."

Stacey Campbell Witty

" Buffalo River Honey Co has raw honey that is great in taste and benefits. We now include it on our list of must-haves that we always have on hand in our kitchen. The main thing to remember, when it comes to honey is that not all honey is created equal. Manufacturers process most of the honey you find in grocery stores. Many of the beneficial antioxidants and bacteria are also removed or destroyed in the manufacturing process. Raw honey is much better than processed honey. but it is harder to find. Thanks to BRHC for making raw honey available to us and making it easy to be a staple in our lives."

Jill Marrs Bishop
Springfield, Missouri