Buffalo River Honey Company
"Wilderness Mountain Flower Honey"
P.O. Box 917
Compton, Arkansas 72624
Phone (870) 420-3104

SOLD OUT until July 2018 Harvest.
The prices below are total prices per deal including shipping & handling in the USA.
Enclose check or money order and mail to the address shown above. NO CASH PLEASE.
For international shipments; please e-mail buffaloriverhoney@gmail.com for a quote.

Very truly yours,
Carla and Eddie

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We do not accept credit cards - Please make checks payable to Eddie Watkins

-------------------------------------------- Please send me the following:--------------------------------------------

Description Qty Unit Cost Total Amount
22 oz. Jar of Honey (Minimum order - 2 jars) _______ $25.00 _______
Beeswax Lip Balm _______ $5.00 _______
Beeswax Perfume _______ $9.00 _______
Beeswax Floating Tea Light Candle _______ $6.00 _______
Hand Rolled Beeswax Taper Candle _______ $8.00 pair _______
Assorted Fruit Jam made with Honey "All Local Fruit"
Circle selection: Strawberry, Organic Blueberry or Peach
(Minimum order - 2 jars)
_______ $11.00 per jar _______
Total Due _______

Please allow 10 days - 2 weeks for delivery

Ship To: Name____________________________________________
Street Address____________________________________________
Telephone Home:_________________Work:____________________
E-Mail Address:___________________________________________
Total Amount Enclosed______________________________________